Anode is a Charity that provides a holistic service to help an individual through challenging times by engaging with one or more of our programs. We look to build a foundation that encourages self belief, independence and responsibility. Our Motto is "Changing Lives, Giving a Voice & Fighting Poverty" and we are passionate about helping out where needed. We recognise that each individual is unique and we are committed to helping people connect with HOPE!



Anode has seen a dramatic increase in referrals, from 75 in our first year to over 2000 in subsequent years.


Finding your way forward in difficult times is not the easiest of journeys. Anode continues to walk with people and help them find a new way forward.


Here at Anode we recognize poverty is not restricted to monetary value but can refer to a lack of any basic requirement. We are determined to help where possible.


Anode is working alongside someone everyday, delivering furniture, changing an environment or providing food to help families get through the days to follow.


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