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Firstly My experience of USA basketball didn’t start very well, obviously our English humour is to provoke and be sarcastic, it was with a high level of naivety that I ask on the way to the game ‘is basketball a real sport’ followed by ‘it’s just a reason to give the tall ugly guys a chance to be famous’ …..:.. Oh dear, stand back everyone I’d just lit the fuse!

The second problem I encountered was the cheerleaders at the stadium entrance, have in mind I was attending the basketball game with two church ministers and I had no idea that my plan to get a picture with these group of ladies (and gentleman) / cheerleaders with them sort of posing and draped in front of this Englishman would be the equivalent of me like walking into a red light district and taking my trousers off! Lol….

At this point, I could safely say the evening may not have started well!
Third problem I encountered was, I didn’t know fighting was frowned upon! I know simple mistake I hear you say…..
Please don’t get me wrong ‘I wasn’t fighting’ and ‘fighting isn’t good’ but let’s admit it English football is full of two sides shouting insults, police or Marshall lines separating fans and on occasions a few scuffles between fans frequently happen!
I can now simply inform you that this doesn’t happen at the basketball, they’re more likely to kiss if the cameras on them, where as with a camera on us British We are more likely to take our tops off lift our bottles of beer and wave our steak pasty in the other hand at the camera.

What I came to realise is if there is a scuffle / fight as there was that night, you don’t climb on top of your seat for a better view!
Anyway lessons learnt; I realised our cultures are very different with our USA cousins, this leads me to think of differing views and reflections and cultures within our own society. One of my hero’s called Paul in a famous book called ‘letter to the Corinthians’ said ‘I become all things to all men so I may reach them where they are and tell them the good news and show love’ . In other words in break down the levels of society’s culture and reach a person right where they live!
I leave you with this thought…..

Oh that our challenge this week for all of us would be to be able to bridge between the different views, culture, creeds and diversities and enabling each of us to show each other kindness, understanding, love and compassion and ultimately share the good news of hope where ever we find ourselves.

Have a great week your friend.
Nigel Williams

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