Our Services and/or Programmes are currently delivered under one of the four headings detailed below: 


The community food bank is a service that provides families with essential food items. These emergency food packages contain basic food supplies, made up for individuals or families in need. Each food box contains enough non-perishable items like milk, tea and tinned food to help people avoid hunger over a difficult time.


Anode looks to provide a brighter future by supplying furniture, white goods and household items at low cost. We aim to keep our costs as low as possible, whilst providing an efficient and professional service.


Smilemaker provides manpower for practical jobs. With friendly and professional help for practical jobs, assisting people to change their living or working environments.

We can supply paint from our Community Repaint store. Community repaint is a paint reuse / recycling scheme that collects paint still fit for purpose that would otherwise be heading for disposal, from National and Local suppliers. We then pass the paint on at low cost.


Facilitating people to change their lives by providing emotional/personalised support.

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