Aspire Program

Facilitating people to change their lives by providing emotional/personalised support.


Our Aspire program is a support service that provides personal support to our customers. It is actioned through three possible entry points.



              L E A P


Professional Services


 LEAP program - This is a program that can facilitate an assessment of need, and support you on a journey in moving your life forward, this program will draw on the expertise of the other two programs in ASPIRE L & P but additionally encourage people to broaden their education skill set and knowledge and be in control of their progress through ongoing assessment and monitoring aided by us but driven by the individual.


  • Listen (via  CASS )

(Community Advice and Support Service) This is a signposting/advocacy service initially set up for offenders and their families to address some social issues i.e. housing, debt, drug and alcohol dependency, therefore reducing offending.  CASS is now available to aid the wider community with various outposts i.e. schools, Anode community resource centre ‘The Monastery’.

Current CASS Service Access Points are:

  •  Drop In (The Monastery)
  •  Court (Torquay Magistrates Court)
  •  Schools (Different locations in Torbay)
  •  Home (Home Visit & Assessment)
  •  Surgery (Soon to happen at doctors surgery)
  • Education -

We will provide a Rolling program of educational courses and initiatives i.e Healthy Realtionships (including self-esteem), Cook 4 Life, Budgeting, Literacy and Numeracy ‘Make it , Bake it, Sew it, Grow it’ Masterclasses in wide range of interests.

  • Assessment

Giving an Opportunity for client/volunteer to assess progress made, re-establish priorities, access further help for issues affecting life, access other services.

  • P (via Professional Services)

This provides Professional 1-1 targeted support :-  Integrative  Counselling, Life-Coaching, Mentoring, Befriending, Pastoral care. We are an approved member of the


National Counselling Society


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