Volunteers are at the very heart of Anode's organisation    


Lynne volunteers every day








  Nathan volunteers 3 days a week








Candy volunteers 2 days a week during term-time









Josh did a week of work experience with Anode

“I came to Anode as part of the work experience scheme at my school. During the week I was given the opportunity to help those who are in need of Anode’s services and also see how it helps them. I did jobs from packing up food parcels for people who have no food, to helping with carpet fitting in a person’s flat who had no carpet. I had a great time during my week at Anode. “

Nick is doing a 6 month work placement through the Job centre

“During my time at Anode I’ve been doing many different things and working in all the different service areas. I’ve been shocked to see the extent of poverty in Torbay and at how invaluable charities like Anode are in helping the community.”



Volunteers are the face, hands, smile and voice of Anode in the local community and we recognise our volunteers are an essential ingredient in making Anode what it is today.


We have many varied volunteering opportunities across all our programmes and we look to encourage and support all our volunteers to feel valued, understood and proud to be part of the Anode team.


Volunteers get involved for many reasons. Some want to make a difference to local people's lives, others want to develop new skills or meet people and get out of the house.

We're not necessarily looking for experience or qualifications, but are you:


  • Compassionate person with a desire to help people in need?
  • Willing to approach clients and situations non-judgementally?
  • Aware of issues surrounding confidentiality?

If so why not contact us and see if volunteering with us would suit you. 



  All our volunteering comes under the "VIA" (Volunteers In Action) programme with the aim of encouraging individuals to connect with their community.


We are happy to be approached for work experience and other organised volunteering programmes and we have the  V I E W programme to help those who want a more structured approach to volunteering.

V I E W stands for :-

                        V = Volunteering

                I =  Integrating within a team

                E = Encouraging and empowering learning of new skills

                W = Working to achieve the volunteers personal goals


For current volunteering opportunities please click      


Alternatively contact Anode's volunteer coordinator,Sue Garner                                                                               


Anode takes the safety of everyone in the organisation very seriously and expects that everyone will work within Anode's safeguarding policy. In line with this Anode has clearly defined safer recruitment procedures in place. This includes an application form, interview, references will be taken for any volunteer applicant and Criminal Records checks will be carried out where roles require it. More information can be obtained from Anode's safeguarding officer.


When you start with us we will ask you to sign a Volunteer Agreement.  Please note this is NOT A LEGALLY binding contract, but an agreement IN HONOUR outlining Anode's commitment to each volunteer and stating what we expect from our volunteers             



Also, our Volunteer Handbook has additional information about volunteering with us; what to expect, how we do things and who to contact